August 2018

8 of Swords7 of Swords

8 of Swords | 7 of Swords

For August, we have two Swords cards. The suit of swords is about beliefs and communication. This suggests that August may be a time of closely monitoring your thoughts and seeing how they might be impacting your life.

8 of Swords

This is a card of self-limitations. It’s about believing that a situation is hopeless, that there’s nothing you can do to improve it. Or it may manifest in the belief that you’re not “good enough” … to find love, to get a better job, to attract any number of things that you want into your life.

But this is a mind trick. A “negative ego” trap. You are perfect just as you are. The way to escape from this trap is simply to DO something. Take some action to move you forward. Even if you believe it won’t work or won’t help, do it anyway. If you think you can’t do it alone, communicate that. Ask someone for help.

By taking some action, you’re taking control of your life again. It will feel great and will help you realize that you’re not powerless after all.

7 of Swords

This card is often about hidden agendas and things going on behind the scenes. During August (and always, of course) let your psychic sense, your intuition, guide you in your interactions with others. If something doesn’t feel right, either in a relationship or in a single transaction with someone, pay attention to that feeing.

If something feels off in a relationship, take the time to talk with that person. Find out if there may be resentments or unfulfilled needs or other issues that are causing you to feel uneasy about the relationship.

If it’s a transaction or interaction with another person that feels suspect, take the time to track down the source of this unease. Don’t enter into any agreements or contracts or purchases without investigating the person fully. Try to determine if there are any hidden agendas lurking.

Keywords for August:
Believe, act, communicate, investigate

Be Blessed!