December 2019

10 of Cups20 - Judgement

10 of Cups | 20 - Judgement

10 of Cups

This is a lovely card for December and the holiday season. It reminds us to be thankful for all that we have in our lives. Take time to express gratitude for anything that brings you joy, however small it may be. Also, remember those who are less fortunate. Offer a helping hand where you can. A simple smile can lift someone’s spirits and it may be just what they need. And remember those who have lost someone or who may be alone. Do what you can to make them feel welcome and loved.

20 - Judgement

December also brings the energy of rebirth and a fresh start.  We think of January as a time of new beginnings because of the new year.  But start now, in December, to plan your next ventures.  What projects would you like to begin or renew?  How would you like to recreate yourself or your life?  Don’t listen to your negative ego that says “you can’t.”  You can!  Let go of any perceived failures and embrace this positive, forward-moving energy of enthusiasm and hope.

Key Thoughts for December:
Love, caring, enthusiasm, fresh start

Be Blessed!