February 2019

Hanged Man6 of Cups

XII - Hanged Man | 6 of Cups

XII - Hanged Man

It’s in our nature to want to take charge, to control events, to try to bring about an outcome that we desire. This is normal and often a very good thing. But for the month of February, this card is asking you to let go. Don’t resist the natural flow of your life. The Divine has plans for you that don’t require your intervention. Think how nice it will be to not have to be in charge.

If events in your life seem to be stuck, for now just let them be. This is not the time to force anything. Take a step back, close your eyes, and just breathe. Go with the flow and see where the waters take you.

6 of Cups

This card is similar in tone to the laid back energy of the Hanged Man card. This month be easy on yourself and with others. Focus on the good in everyone. Be kind. Let any issues go. This is a time for gentleness and generosity.

This card is also about nostalgia and thoughts of the past. If you do find yourself focusing on the past, think only about the good times. Don’t give energy to unhappy memories. Focus on the good memories and let them bring you joy.

Key Thoughts for February:
Step back. Let go. Be kind.

Be Blessed!