May 2017

LoversHigh Priestess[

VI - Lovers | II - High Priestess

How interesting that we got major arcana cards from both decks.  Spirit is saying that the energy available to you next month is strong . Use your time and expend your efforts wisely.

The Lovers card is letting you know that May can be a time of “coming together.”  It can be a great month for renewing old partnerships and forging new ones.  These can be business partnerships, romantic relationships, relationships with friends and neighbors, or even joining groups of like-minded people.  

If you’ve been in Hermit mode over the winter, it’s time to step outside of that energy and renew your connections with others.

The High Priestess card is a reminder that forging and renewing relationships requires listening on your part.  Quiet your mind and put aside your own needs for a minute and really listen to what the other person is saying.  Listen with your ears but also listen with your intuition and your eyes.  What do you sense is being said or not said?  What does the person’s body language tell you?  Truly understanding the other person will allow relationships of all kinds to blossom.

Be Blessed!