May 2018

Ten of WandsSeven of Pentacles

Ten of Wands | Seven of Pentacles

The cards for May are about attitude and approach.

The Ten of Wands show a person burdened by responsibilities.  Those wands are heavy and he can’t even see past them to where he’s going.  We see the opposite energy in the Seven of Pentacles.  This person has planted seeds and is tending the garden, assessing what he’s accomplished and waiting to reap the benefits.  Both of these people worked hard, but their approach was different.

In the Ten of Wands, the person saw the responsibilities as difficult, time-consuming, and possibly had no hope of ever getting everything done.  He was trying to do it all at once.  In the Seven of Pentacles, the person was methodical and took the steps one at a time, in proper order, to accomplish his goals.

This is May’s message:
See your responsibilities as means to an end.  Embrace them.

Don’t try to do them all at once.  Prioritize.  Start with the most pressing one, do it, check it off your list, pat yourself on the back, and move on to the next one.

During this process, take time to assess your progress.  Shift direction and take a different approach if necessary.

In the end, you will accomplish all that you need to and the journey will be a pleasant and empowering one.

Be Blessed!