November 2018

Seven of CupsXVII - Star

Seven of Cups | XVII - Star

Seven of Cups

This card is suggesting that you may find yourself having to make more decisions than usual. Or perhaps the decisions that you need to make will be more confusing than usual. 

The key to harnessing the energy of this card is in being ready to think calmly and clearly about the options before you. This is a time to be realistic. Don’t make decisions based solely on your desires. Step back and assess whether what you want is truly possible or whether it’s simply a fantasy. Be prepared to recognize unrealistic goals and alter them if necessary.

This is NOT saying don’t dream big dreams. It is saying to fashion them into something that is achievable.

XVII - Star

Over the next month (and always) be gentle with yourself and with others. Release any grudges. They’re crosses that you don’t have to bear.

Forgive others for times that they may have hurt you. People are walking their own paths with their own lessons to learn. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. No one is. Usually people, including you, are doing the best they can at the moment.

The energy of compassion and healing is in the air. This may be a good time to open a dialog with others about feelings, needs, hopes, and dreams. Discover how thoughtful and kind discussions can shift relationships and move them to a better place.

Keywords and phrases for November:
Clear thinking, realistic goals, forgiveness, and compassion.

Be Blessed!