October 2018

Ace of SwordsHigh Priestess

Ace of Swords | II - High Priestess

Ace of Swords

October brings a breath of fresh air around ideas, beliefs, and communication.  This is a month to think outside the box, try on new ideas, and learn new skills.  Don’t be too quick to disregard something just because it’s unfamiliar.  It may be just what you need at this time.

This is also a good month to start journaling or start that next great American or International novel.  Put pen to paper or digital ink to computer screen and start capturing your ideas.  They are gems!  They may shine for years to come or only for the moment when they are needed.  In either case, they have value.

II - High Priestess

While you are working with the energy of the Ace of Swords, allow your High Priestess to assist you.  She will whisper in your ear and in your heart about the things your Soul needs right now.  Listen quietly.  Let your intuition speak to you about ways that you can change your thinking and  how you might open up to new possibilities.  Let her guide you and see where your path may lead you.

Keywords and phrases for August:
Explore, journal, write, listen

Be Blessed!