September 2018

10 of cups10 of Wands

10 of Cups | 10 of Wands

For September you have two Ten cards. The energy of the number ten is more than enough, full completion of a cycle, readiness to move on and begin anew. Let’s see how this number energy might come into play this month.

10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups is the card of happiness, especially around friends and family. Devote time to your loved ones this month. Appreciate them for who they are and what they bring into your life. Take time to count your blessings. Acknowledge all of the good things, both big and small. Notice everything about the natural world that can bring you a moment of peace … warm sunshine on your face, cool breezes, sparkling ocean, lake, river, or stream, the scent of the forest, the quiet of a city park. This month focus on what brings you joy. I think you will find that your life holds more than enough.

10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands holds a very different energy. This is the energy of too much … too many burdens, too much work, too heavy a spirit. As you go through this month, watch for times that you may feel this way. Stop and assess why. When you have determined the source, take some action to lighten that burden. Put down some of those wands and make the decision to start a new cycle that is lighter and more joyful.

Keywords for September:
Appreciate, acknowledge, assess, start fresh

Be Blessed!