May 2022

XV - DevilV - Hierophant

XV - Devil | V - Hierophant

XV - Devil

Imagery: A winged devil is seen looking down on a man and a woman who are loosely chained to his pedestal. The woman has a fruiting tail. The man has a flaming tail.

The Devil reminds us of the many ways we allow ourselves to be held back in life. Your “devil” could be other people, circumstances, addictions, or more often your own beliefs about what is possible. These people both have great potential shown by their tails. Her fruiting tail represents the Tree of Knowledge seen on The Lovers card. His flaming tail represents the Tree of Life seen on The Lovers card. But they don’t or won’t recognize their potential. They choose to remain chained rather than move themselves away from their “devil.”

V - Hierophant

Imagery: A pope sits on his throne. Two acolytes are in front of him, possibly on their knees. 

Using the Waite-Smith imagery, this card is often seen as a card of constraints placed upon people by society and religious institutions. However, it also means a wise person, mentor, guide, and teacher. It can reflect the lessons a person has learned in their life which are now ready to be shared with others.

During this month, watch for ways that you may be holding yourself back. Are you listening to others who say you “can’t” and who put you down? Are you allowing yourself to remain in a rut when you could do and be so much more?

Remember the message of the Hierophant. You ARE wise. You HAVE lessons to share. You CAN accomplish wonderful things. You only have to move outside of your routine, outside of your comfort zone, and take charge of your life. Do it with joy and abandon and watch the miracles happen!

Key Words and Phrases:
Throw off those chains, expand, try, succeed 

Be Blessed!