August 2019

5 of SwordsAce of Wands

5 of Swords | Ace of Wands

This month the energy is right for learning new ways of dealing with conflict.

The 5 of Swords shows the end of a battle of some sort. One man, the winner, is gloating as the other two men walk off, seemingly humiliated and disgraced. The clouds are ragged and angry. There are small waves on the water. The energy of this card is sharp and hurtful. This card shows the “ego way” of handling conflicts. This is the “win / lose” way of dealing with disagreements. One person must win and the others must lose.

But the Ace of Wands reminds us that there can be a better way of dealing with these situations. This card is asking you to draw upon your courage, creativity, and compassion when you’re faced with a difficult situation. No one needs to “win.” There need be no “losers.” Try to find the middle ground, where everyone is a winner and each side leaves with the conflict resolved and their self-esteem intact.

Key Phrases:
Conflict resolution, creative communication, win/win solutions

Be Blessed!