August 2020

XV - DevilQueen of Wands

XV - Devil | Queen of Wands


Imagery: We see two people with loose chains around their necks. The chains are tied to the Devil's pedestal. These people are being constrained in some way. The chains are loose and could easily be removed, but the people choose not to.

This month try to be aware of the ways in which you are allowing yourself to be held back. These constraints may be self-imposed. Examine your beliefs about what you can and cannot accomplish, what you "deserve", or other limiting beliefs. Do you find yourself saying that "life is hard" or "life isn't fair"? These are not only limiting beliefs, they are energetically attracting that negative energy.

Restrictions can also be imposed by the people in our lives. Are you allowing their beliefs about what is possible to affect your own beliefs? Or more directly, are you allowing someone else to control your actions. Examine why you may be allowing this and take steps to change the situation.

The key to this seemingly dark card is to recognize how you are being held back and take some action to change that situation. This card is actually a card of empowerment by bringing to light the ways in which you are not living up to your true potential. It is a call to action!

Queen of Wands

Imagery: We have a queen holding a wand and a sunflower, symbols of her power. A black cat, her familiar, is standing guard in front of her. The queen is looking away but the black cat is staring directly at you.

This queen sits comfortably with her power. She is strong, capable, courageous, passionate, and powerful. I call her my "kick butt" queen. This month try to consciously embody the traits of the Queen of Wands. Own your power. Use this queen to check in with and conquer any Devil energies you may encounter. She is capable of handling anything, with ease and grace.

Also use this month to reconnect, or connect even more strongly, with your spiritual guide or guides. The cat is staring directly at you, reminding you that your guides are here to assist you with anything you need or want. Check in with a guide on a daily basis. Have a conversation with this guide about your day. Then listen for any messages that may be offered. The message may be subtle, but don't dismiss it as imagination. It won't be, I assure you.

Key Words and Phrases:
Empowerment, release, courage, messages

Be Blessed!