December 2018

V - Hierophant0 - Fool

V - Hierophant | 0 - Fool

The cards for December are a study in contrasts. On the one hand we have the orthodoxy of the Hierophant and on the other hand we have the wild abandon of the Fool. 

V - Hierophant

The Hierophant is about conventional wisdom, looking to authorities for guidance, and abiding by existing laws and rules of society. In its strictest sense, this card is about doing what’s expected, coloring within the lines, and only with colors that are “appropriate.” A certain aspect of the Hierophant is fear-based.

0 - Fool

On the other hand, the Fool is about leaping, trying new things! It’s about doing the unconventional and unexpected. The Fool’s activities are trust-based … trust that the Universe will support your endeavors.

So how are these cards interacting for December? Look at the imagery. The Hierophant is looking straight at you saying “do what I tell you and you’ll be safe.” The Fool is dancing towards the Hierophant saying “no, no, no, come with me, let’s explore!”

The key to December will be to walk the line between these two characters. The humdrum of the Hierophant has its place. Certain things need to get done and conformity is not necessarily a bad thing unless you let it rule your life. But when your Fool shows up and wants you to be daring and try something new, do a quick check in with your Higher Self and then go for it!

Key Thoughts for December:
“safety” or adventure, conformity or innovation, same old or something new!.

Be Blessed!