December 2020

VIII - StrengthAce of Cups

VIII - Strength | Ace of Cups

VIII - Strength

Imagery: A woman is holding open the mouth of a lion. The woman is being gentle with the lion and holds his mouth open effortlessly. The lion is not resisting and seems comfortable with the woman.

The Strength card is here to remind you of your core strength. You can endure and overcome what you must, and you can do it without drama or struggle. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and move forward.

Ace of Cups

Imagery: A hand is holding out a cup that is overflowing with water. A dove is offering a gift from the Divine.

This card is showing that great joy is possible at this time. An Ace shows potential. It’s up to us to manifest that potential by taking some action.

If we look at these cards together, they suggest that December may be a good month for organizing your resources, taking a stand, and doing whatever it takes to bring greater joy into your life. But remember the message of the Strength card. There’s no need to muscle through your challenges or goals this month. Use your inner strength to glide through them effortlessly.

Key Thoughts for December:
Effortless control, potential for joy, own it and do it.

Be Blessed!