February 2020

7 of Swords14 - Temperance

7 of Swords | 14 - Temperance

We’re going to see how these two cards interact for February but first a few words about each one.

7 of Swords

This card is about deception, hidden agendas, things going on behind the scenes. It can be about keeping oneself apart, going it alone, or refusing to accept responsibility.

14 - Temperance

This card is about balance, moderation, finding the middle ground. It can be about bringing opposite sides together, creating compromise, and synthesis.

As February’s cards, they are a somewhat stern reminder to be vigilant about the motives of those you interact with and your own motives. Sometimes in relationships, whether business, casual, or intimate, it’s easy to forget that you’re in a partnership. Partnerships require balance, fairness, and honesty. They should not be about getting what you want at any cost.

In your interactions with people this month, be clear with yourself about your motives for speaking and behaving as you do. Be sure that you keep the goals of compromise and fairness in mind. Likewise, use your intuition to sense whether a partner, colleague, or friend might have hidden reasons behind their actions. Don’t judge them for it, but try to have a conversation with them about what their needs might really be.

In all interactions this month (and always), try to make them win-win for all and do so with love in your heart.

Key Words for February:
Deception, compromise, fairness

Be Blessed!