January 2019

King of Wands0 - Fool

King of Wands | 0 - Fool

The cards for last month were a study in contrasts. We had the orthodoxy of the Hierophant and the wild abandon of the Fool.

For January the stodgy Hierophant has been replaced by the wise and enthusiastic King of Wands. The King is looking out at his domain, thinking about where he will put his efforts next. The Fool is behind him whispering … yes, do it!

King of Wands & 0 - Fool

This combination of cards is asking you to take charge of your life this month. Do something that you’re passionate about. Try not to let one day follow another in the same old pattern. Use the energy of this month to let your creativity flow. Paint, write, sing, dance, learn something new.

The King of Wands is charismatic. Use this to inspire someone to step out of their comfort zone. This King is forceful. Don’t be afraid to take charge of situations. You have what it takes.

This month be bold and brave and confident!

Key Thoughts for January:
Create, inspire, be bold

Be Blessed!