July 2019

XVIII - The MoonXVII - The Star

XVIII - The Moon | XVII - The Star

The Moon card is about your shadows, your fears, your misconceptions or mis-PERceptions of reality. In this card, the pool represents your subconscious. The crustacean represents your shadow issues. It’s in your subconscious that many of your limiting beliefs and skewed visions of how life should be have been planted. 

During the coming month, expect some of your issues to come up. The crustacean is coming to the surface of the pool. Know that this is a good thing. When an issue surfaces, it’s ready to be healed. The healing aspect of the Star card will help with this. Reflect on why you feel the way you do and try to determine where this feeling or belief originated. No matter when that limiting belief was planted, it no longer needs to apply to your current self. Bless it and let it go.

It is only after the work of the Moon card has been done that the hopes and dreams aspect of the Star card can materialize. The Star card is about clarifying and ultimately realizing all that you wish for in your life. But the limiting issues of the Moon card must be cleared away so that you can realize that you CAN achieve what you want and that you ARE worthy of it.

Having done the work of clearing issues, reach for the sky! You’re ready to manifest your dreams!

Reflect, heal, reach, receive

Be Blessed!