July 2020

Queen of SwordsSix of Wands

Queen of Swords | Six of Wands

Queen of Swords

Imagery: The Queen is regally raising her outstretched hand. In this case, it seems that she is sending the man in the Six of Wands off to do her bidding.

Six of Wands

Imagery: The man in the Six of Wands seems to be resolutely marching off to do the bidding of the Queen of Swords. The laurel wreath and the waving congratulatory wands seem to anticipate his success.

These cards are asking to be read together. The visuals are striking. The Queen is sending the man off to do her bidding and he anticipates success. What does this mean for you? It means that July can be a time of accomplishment if you use the Queen of Swords as your guide. The Queen of Swords uses her intellect to gather information, explore her options, and make solid decisions based on what she has learned. 

If you have projects that you’d like to accomplish, do your research ahead of time. Make your decisions based on what you know, rather than what you feel or suspect or desire. Then become the man in the Six of Wands. Set out to complete your project with confidence and courage. See your self succeeding in reaching your goals, knowing that your Queen of Swords has paved the way.

Key Words and Phrases:
Research, planning, preparation, accomplishment

Be Blessed!