June 2019

Page of SwordsKing of Wands

Page of Swords | King of Wands

Often the monthly cards exhort you to get out and DO something. This is the case for the month of June. But there’s an added twist. Look at the imagery. You have the wise King of Wands looking toward the youthful Page of Swords. The Page is looking away from the King as if he’s ready to head out on a quest.

You can think about these cards symbolically and also literally. Symbolically you can embody both individuals. Spirit can be telling you to think outside the box (Page of Swords)! Perhaps it’s time to consider those new ideas (Swords) or projects (Wands) that you want to bring to life this month. And then embrace the King of Wands energy, believe it’s possible, take charge, and make this happen.

If you think about these cards literally, the same energy applies but you don’t have to accomplish these things by yourself. If you find yourself with ideas that need brainstorming or projects that need doing, don’t be afraid to delegate some of the work. Enlist the help of others who are also eager to attain the same goals. Find your Page of Swords and set him or her to it!

Key Thought:
Think it … Believe it …. Do it … or Delegate it.

Be Blessed!