June 2020

VI - LoversKnight of Swords

VI - Lovers | Knight of Swords

VI - Lovers

Imagery: A partnership of some kind is being blessed by an angel or being of authority.

Partnerships can be of many types … romantic, friendly, career, business. The partnership can be between yourself and a project you’ve been wanting to undertake. It can be the balancing of your own male and female aspects, or the coming together of different beliefs that you’ve been considering.

This month be aware of any partnerships that may present themselves. Like the two people on the Lovers card, be open (naked) and unafraid. Welcome these new partnerships and see where they may take you and what blessings they might bring.

Knight of Swords

Imagery: The Knight is on his horse racing towards the Lovers. Sometimes this knight is a bit reckless but sometimes he is saying “go, do this, hurry”. Because he is racing towards the Lovers, it feels as if he is saying “don’t miss this opportunity, seize it”. For better or for worse, this knight doesn’t overthink his plans. He just runs with them.

This month when partnerships offer themselves, try not to let your ego overthink them and find reasons not to accept what is being offered. Say yes to the friendship, the project, the job, the new way of thinking. Be bold like the Knight of Swords!

Key Words and Phrases:
Partnership, collaboration, action

Be Blessed!