March 2019

Queen of SwordsAce of Swords

Queen of Swords | Ace of Swords

We have two Swords cards for this month. Swords are about the intellect and the element of Air. These cards are appropriate for the month of March here in New England, which often brings blustery and windy weather. And it looks like March will be doing the same thing for our minds.

Queen of Swords

This queen is bright, intellectual, and fair. She has learned many lessons in her life which have made her tolerant and understanding. This month try not to judge people and events too quickly. There may be things going on behind the scenes that are influencing the behaviors of others. Try not to react emotionally. Instead use your Queen of Swords intellect to determine what might be going on.

Ace of Swords

Here come the winds! The Ace of Swords brings the potential for new ideas, new beliefs, and new and better ways of communicating. This month stimulate yourself intellectually. Read a book that you wouldn’t normally read. Take a class that interests you. Start a journal. When in conversation with someone, don’t be too quick to disregard their opinion. Listen closely and without judgement. You might learn something new or even change your own opinion.

Key Thoughts for March:
Don’t judge. Learn something new. Keep an open mind.

Be Blessed!