March 2020

XIV - TemperanceVIII - Strength

XIV - Temperance | VII - Strength

XIV - Temperance

With the Temperance card, March is a call to bring balance back into your life. Let’s face it, life is busy. Busy with things that we have to do, busy with things that we want to do, and also busy with things that other people think we should do. This month take some time to sort out what you really need to do, what is fun to do, and eliminate the rest.

This card is also about blending, coming together. The liquid in the cups is being mixed. The person is standing with one foot in the water and one foot on the rock, blending the energies of water and earth. This month is a good time to get together with your tribe for meaningful activities or even just fun ones! 

VIII - Strength

As you strive to bring balance into your life, the Strength card will remind you that you have a core of quiet strength to make this happen. There’s no need to stress over it or force balance into your life. This is counterproductive. Instead, take a step back and breathe. Focus on what you want and need in your life and let the rest naturally fade away. You don’t need *everything* in your life, only what is essential.

Have patience with yourself during this process. The need to control things is strong in the human psyche. But control is hard work. Release the reins. Let this process be effortless. Just continue to gently give attention to what is truly necessary in your life, to what brings you joy. 

Key Thoughts for March:
Balance, blending, strength, patience

Be Blessed!