May 2019

High PriestessNine of Wands

II - High Priestess | 9 of Wands

The message for May seems to be “work smarter, not harder.”

Let’s consider these two cards together. The man in the 9 of Wands is weary. He’s been in many battles and has come through them mostly, but not completely, unscathed. He knows he has many more battles to come. He’s ready to face them but certainly wishes he didn’t have to.

He’s looking to his right at the High Priestess. She sits there, still and contemplative. She has withdrawn from the struggles of the physical world and appears to be at peace with her mysteries. The man looks at her as if he is questioning his life and his role in all these battles. It feels as if he is asking her for a nugget of wisdom. She answers … “why do you struggle so, it is better to simply flow.”

Think about that. What “battles” might you face in May? Are they necessary? Are they of your own making? Which battles, struggles, projects, events can you simply say no to? This month, try to be as easy on yourself and others as you can. Listen to your intuition and make decisions that will bring you peace.

Key Thought:
Don't struggle... flow.

Be Blessed!