May 2020

5 of Wands4 of Pentacles

5 of Wands | 4 of Pentacles

Five of Wands

Imagery: We see a group of young people waving their wands at each other. There is a certain amount of conflict here but no real harm is intended.

Getting this card for May is not surprising given the current global circumstances. You may find yourself a bit quick-tempered this month. Your life is more constrained. Social outlets are limited while at the same time you may find yourself in closer proximity to family, causing its own type of stress. This card is a reminder to choose your battles wisely. Even better, try to postpone any conflicts until everyone involved is able to have a better perspective. Put down your wand, take a step back, and just breathe.

Four of Pentacles

Imagery: We see a person holding onto his pentacles tightly. This is often interpreted as greed but this card also has another side. Sometimes holding on to what we have is exactly what we need to do. There is a city in the distance, but the figure sits by himself in the foreground.

Contraction rather than expansion is the keyword for May. Spirit is asking you to savor what you have rather than seek the new. Take time for quiet contemplation rather than outward exploration. Learn to be comfortable with yourself, in that silent place where the real you lives. Only there will you find true peace.

Key Words and Phrases:
Conflict avoidance, perspective, contraction, contemplation

Be Blessed!