November 2019

6 of PentaclesVI - Lovers

6 of Pentacles | VI - The Lovers

The two cards for November made me smile. I love how the Universe manages to get a strong message across. Both of these cards have the number six. Let’s see how that plays out.

Six of Pentacles

This card reminds me of the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi … the part that says “it is in giving that we receive.” Six is a number of balance, fairness, giving, sharing, and compassion. On the card, a well-dressed man is giving coins to a beggar while the other one waits his turn. The scales indicate that the man standing is weighing the coins so that he gives them out fairly and only as much as he can afford.

November should be a time of prosperity and harmony for you. During this month, take time to acknowledge your blessings. Thank the Universe for all that you have. See if you can share your material prosperity with others, even to a small extent. Giving can also involve simply giving of your time and attention to someone who needs to be heard. Also, think about what you can offer spiritually to others to help improve their lives.

By giving to others, you open up a current of abundance. As you give to others, the Universe gives to you. Practice generosity, gratitude, and compassion and see your life blossom.

VI - Lovers

Once again we have the number six, this time around relationships since the card is the Lovers. The man and woman are naked, indicating simplicity and honesty. They have nothing to hide from each other. They each bring different gifts to the partnership. She brings the feminine fertility of the fruiting tree. He brings the masculine action of the flaming tree. They are in balance and ready to share their gifts with each other.

The month of November can be an important time to focus on reconnecting with those you love and strengthening those relationships. Use the energy of six to help with this. Try to ensure that your relationships are balanced and harmonious. Recognize the blessings that the other brings to the relationship. Be prepared to give what you can, ask for what you need, and come only from a place of love.

The bottom line for November is to focus on balance, fairness, generosity, gratitude, and compassion in ALL aspects of your life and see how those very qualities will be reflected back to you.

Key Phrases:
Balance, sharing, compassion

Be Blessed!