November 2020

TowerFour of Cups

Tower | Four of Cups


Imagery: A tower that sits on the top of a mountain is being struck by lightning. A man and a woman are falling from the tower. A crown is being tumbled off the top of the tower. In the sky are yods or tongues of flame that represent Divine intervention. 

The Tower represents a period of upheaval and great change. But the changes that are brought by the tower are needed in order to start fresh and rebuild. The Tower wants to sweep away what currently IS and allow for the building of something new and better and more suited to your highest good. This can be a challenging time if you resist. It can be an empowering time if you embrace the needed change and are proactive in creating it.

Four of Cups

Imagery: A bored young man sits under a tree, staring at his three cups. A hand in a cloud is offering him a new cup, that he is not seeing.

The young man is looking at the three cups that he already has and is bored with them. He takes them for granted. He’s familiar with them and they no longer bring him joy. A hand in a cloud is offering him a new cup. However, he’s too distracted and emotionally stagnant to see this new opportunity being offered to him.

When we look at these two cards as a pair, we see that there is now an opportunity to shake things up in your life. The Tower on the left seems to be the energy that is offering that new cup. This month take a look at what might have become stagnant in your life, what no longer engages you. Are there beliefs, activities, people, or items that have become routine and that no longer serve a purpose? 

Think about ways to eliminate or shake up this stagnant energy. Bring into your world beliefs, activities, and items that bring you joy. Be with people who excite you, challenge you, and ask you to live up to your full potential. Use the energy of this month to clear things away and shake things up! 

Key Words and Phrases:
Proactive change, opportunity recognized, clear away, rebuild

Be Blessed!