October 2019

5 of SwordsTwo of Cups

7 of Wands | King of Wands

Last month we saw the struggle of the Seven of Wands. In October we see the conflict of the Five of Swords. It seems that this Fall has the potential of bringing up our issues or those of others in our lives.

Look at the Five of Swords. The clouds are ragged and angry looking. It seems there has been a fight and the winner is gloating about his success, while the two people who have lost are dejected and walking away.

This card is a reminder that in a conflict there are no true winners or losers. You lose a bit of your humanity when you are subjected to a humiliating loss. You also lose it when you inflate your ego over a win at the expense of others.

Now look at the Two of Cups. The caduceus has been associated with healing but it’s also the staff of the messenger god Hermes. Perhaps, in this case, it’s bringing a message that there can be healing rather than dissension. These people are in a partnership. The people are looking at each other, suggesting that they’re communicating and care about each other’s well being. They may or may not agree, but there’s no rancor here, no ego.

The message of October is to choose your battles wisely, if you must battle at all. Try to find common ground and be willing to yield a bit in order to make it a win-win situation. Try to come from a place of love, peace, and fairness when any potential conflict arises. This will yield a harmonious solution where all parties benefit and feel acknowledged.

Key Phrases:
Finding balance, fairness, common ground, win-win

Be Blessed!