October 2020

Nine of WandsQueen of Swords

Nine of Wands | Queen of Swords

Nine of Wands

Imagery: A man with a bandaged head stands holding, and slightly leaning on, a wand. There are eight wands standing in a row behind him.

This particular Nine of Wands carries the energy of fatigue but also a willingness to carry on if need be. This man has been in battle, but sees that all of his wands are still standing. He knows that, if he must, he can do battle again.

The Nine of Wands suggests that this month may bring some trying times. Old issues that you thought were put to rest may rise up and need your attention again. New issues may also challenge you. Know that you have what it takes to handle them well. Choose to face them immediately, head on, and with confidence.

Queen of Swords

Imagery: A queen sits on her throne. Her face is pensive. She has been through some difficulty in the past. The bracelet shows that she has cut away these difficulties and has cut through any fears. The butterflies on her crown and throne are symbols of her transformation. She is intelligent, makes good decisions, and can be ruthless if need be, but her heart and mind are pure.

Embody the Queen of Swords this month. Call upon her clarity of thought when faced with decisions. If the decisions are difficult, call upon her ruthlessness to do what absolutely needs to be done. Call upon her pure heart and mind to handle this with love.

Taken together, the energies for October can be summed up as “work smarter, not harder.” Use the Nine to face any challenges with courage and fortitude. Use the Queen to face them wisely and with confidence and ease.

Key Words and Phrases:
Fortitude, courage, clarity

Be Blessed!