September 2019

7 of WandsKing of Wands

7 of Wands | King of Wands

The 7 of Wands suggests that September may bring its share of struggles.  These may come from the outside, like work deadlines or unexpected events that need tending to. But they may also come from within, such as unrealistic expectations or demands of the ego.

Look at the King of Wands. He seems to be asking the man in the 7 of Wands to STOP … stop struggling, stop fighting, stop the unnecessary effort. He’s asking him to take stock of what he’s doing and why.

This month pay attention to where you expend your efforts. Ask yourself if these things really need to be done. Ask yourself if you’re responding to the expectations of others rather than acting from real need.

If the activity doesn’t truly need to be done, put down your wand and relax. If the activity is truly necessary, clear your mind, take a deep breath and complete it in the most efficient and peaceful way possible.

Key Phrases:
Assess demands, eliminate the unnecessary, steadily accomplish the necessary

Be Blessed!