September 2020

Page of Wands2 of Cups

Page of Wands | Two of Cups

Page of Wands

Imagery: A young person is looking up at the greenery sprouting from the top of his or her wand. He wears a red feather in his cap, symbolizing courage, confidence, and enthusiasm. The mountains in the background are obstacles that he will eventually have to overcome, but in his youthful enthusiasm, he is oblivious to them. Right now he is focused only on the journey.

For the month of September, embrace the Page of Wands energy. Approach your projects with enthusiasm. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to try? Do it now! Don’t let your mind subvert you. Don’t listen to the many manufactured reasons why it “isn’t smart,” “can’t be done,” “not right for you.” 

This Page cares nothing for those excuses. He takes his wand and heads out, full of courage and joy for the adventure ahead. Let your life be a grand adventure, starting now!

Two of Cups

Imagery: Two people are each holding a cup. A lion and a caduceus are between them. The lion is a symbol of strength and courage. The caduceus is a symbol of negotiation, balanced exchange, and reciprocity. We see a house in the background, possibly representing the house that is seen later on in the Ten of Cups.

At this time I’m focused on the stern face of the lion. He seems to be calling upon you to summon the courage to undertake or accept some partnership. It may be something that you’re uncertain about or fearful of. It may be an external partnership with another person or group, or it may be an internal partnership where you accept all aspects of yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

In either case, this card is calling for balance, fairness, reciprocity in all of your dealings this month and in particular with any partnerships that you decide to undertake. Summon your inner Lion to help with all of this.

Key Phrases:
Courage, enthusiasm, balance, fairness

Be Blessed!