What Clients Say...

Thank you so much for the reading. It all makes so much sense. Your gift is amazing and thank you for sharing it with me! I do love having the email as I reread it frequently. It has given me the spark I had lost.

T.P, Hatfield, MA

I love your insights of monthly cards.

Debbie E.

, WI

I booked a tarot reading with you via Skype about 1½ years ago. I had been struggling for a very long time in my romantic life. I was in love, I thought, with one man but another man was more prominent/available, with whom I had previously been married to. I was convinced that the other, unavailable man was the right choice for me. You told me otherwise. This was not what I was hoping to hear, but I listened as I respected your guidance. My former husband and I have since re-married; I couldn't be happier in a relationship. The other guy turned out to be an ****. I wasn't the only one.

Emma C.

, Sweden

Hi Ann! I just wanted to thank you again for your reading you did for me. You said that it seemed that Steve would be offered a job in January and as of January 31, he's been offered two!

Dana Point, CA

I'm telling you I have been spreading the word about how great you are, I feel like you are very special from the rest and can't imagine myself going anywhere else.  You have become part of our family :)

Lawrence, MA

I appreciate your willingness to help me down this next pathway in my life. This has been an outstanding experience for me. I assure you I will highly recommend you to others. God leads us to the people that will be beneficial to us on this earth. I KNOW I was lead to you, and I am truly grateful!

Thomasville, GA

Thank you for another thought provoking email reading and so thorough I will have to read it a few more times. You are a very gifted person.

Doylestown, PA

Thank you so much Ann you are truly meant to do this... you bring me so much peace and clarity during a time of so much uncertainty... I appreciate you so much xoxo

North Andover, MA

Thank you for a beautiful, encouraging "with goose bumps"? reading. It so helps to know that things are moving in a Grand direction! I loved the confirmation that my mom is always with me! Awhile ago I had said that I would not do another reading after a couple of not so good ones. I do not listen to John Holland on a regular basis. I guess the universe wanted me to find you and I am so glad I did. You are marvelous and your energy is very comforting!

Chicago, IL

I decided to review the reading you gave me earlier this year. Wow! Of course, I loved it when I received it, but now I can see that it was so much more insightful than I was able to appreciate at the time. I'm really grateful.

Solana Beach, CA

Ann is truly a gifted tarot master and healer. I've worked with Ann for years both with in depth readings and healing sessions. My daughter has also worked with Ann for years. We both have benefited enormously from the guidance, support, wisdom, insights, and valuable information that have come out of the readings. We are blessed to know Ann and receive help that has assisted us in countless ways. Ann is an exceptional human being who values helping others and her loving and caring heart has touched us forever.


Thank you so much for your reading. You are amazing. You really helped me to see how to focus better on my wants and desires.

Lewiston, NY

Thank you again for a wonderful reading! It really helped me see my situation with more clarity. Spot on and I'm feeling very hopeful and content about my situation. Would definitely recommend.


I was really blessed to have an email Tarot card session with Ann Hentz. Her insights and keen advice brought me much consolation when I had been suddenly terminated from my teaching position after 24 years of service! I consider Ann my Tarot teacher as well. I have listened to her join John Holland on his monthly Psychic Tarot Hour radio show. I have joined in the webinars they have hosted to teach Tarot and Oracle. I recommend Ann to everyone because her knowledge and integrity of the Tarot is superb!

Joann I.

, Astoria, NY

Thank you for your keen intuitive ability, Ann, and your gentle, trustworthy energy. I appreciate you!

Franklin, MI

I just can't believe how dead on this reading is. In every aspect, really. Your response to my first question is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for your help, Ann!

Charlotte, NC

Ann's reading I had this summer was so insightful, powerful, accurate and continues to provide such a healing energy for me. I am so Grateful that Ann is so accessible to help. I appreciate the monthly card readings posted online and the radio show readings.

D. V.

, Willis, TX

Thank you so much for the reading. It was lots of fun. You have no idea how much the reading helped me. I am beyond grateful!  Thank you again, Ann. You are so sweet and easy to talk to--I feel as if I have known you forever.

Joanna T.

, Lowell, MA

Thank you Ann for your reading!  It makes me smile and am so glad that I came upon such a wonderful person to do my reading.  I am very happy with it!

Standish, ME

This is wonderful. I have to say I wondered what would a reading be like via email but then I thought to myself there is no way someone like John Holland would have someone on his show who wasn't exceptional and I have been completely reassured! Thank you so, so much. I get a real sense of honesty in all you have written which I really appreciate.

Dublin, Ireland