Healing Sessions

Heal the energy body. Heal the physical body.

In a perfect world, our lives would be stress free and we would enjoy perfect health. Until our efforts to create a perfect world meet with success, we must learn healthy ways of coping with the world we have.

Illness and accidents are brought about by negative energies in our lives. Many of these energies are generated externally through difficult relationships, stressful or unhealthy working conditions, environmental toxins, and so on.

Some negative energies are generated internally by our own thoughts. We berate ourselves for not being “better” in some way or not being “good enough”. We hold a poor self image. We generate negative self-talk. Negative energies attach to our energy field and build up over time. Eventually, they cause imbalances in the energy field. If not corrected, these imbalances lead to illness in our physical body or to accidental injuries.

I think of my sessions as "facilitated" energy healing because, using various proven techniques, I create the space in which your body can heal itself.  With the correct intention and attention, your body can do amazing things. It can heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Healing sessions can also be used to invite prosperity and loving relationships into your life by removing blockages and negative programming.

Only Distant Healing Sessions are offered at this time. In-person Healing Sessions may resume in the future.

Holistic Energy Therapy

This is my preferred healing session because it incorporates different modalities. This powerful and empowering session will bring you back to your Self, clearing unwanted energies and realigning your personal vibration. It includes tuning forks, pranic healing, Reiki, and old Himalayan singing bowls.

The Om and Otto tuning forks send you into a deep meditative and healing state. Pranic healing (non-touch) removes negative and “dirty” energy from your energy field. Reiki (hands on) soothes, balances, and recharges your energy body. And finally, through entrainment, the Himalayan singing bowls bring your body back into its own perfect vibration.

I find that, after one of these sessions, people just don’t want to leave the table. I take that as a good sign.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing sessions are conducted using tuning forks and old Himalayan singing bowls. Depending on the length of the session and your goals, I will use either the Body Tuner, the Lemurian, or the Solfeggio tuning fork set.

The Body Tuner set is excellent for those who may be feeling out of balance due to stress by helping to balance the nervous system. The Body Tuner set contains two tuning forks tuned to the notes of C and G which have been shown to stimulate the release of Nitric Oxide, an important and natural molecule for maintaining good health. In a short time, these forks can balance your nervous system, resulting in a calm and relaxed state.

Lemurian tuning forks are based on the Phi ratio which manifests as a spiral, the basic form of the universe. They are a sacred and subtle means of activating and enhancing spiritual consciousness.

The Solfeggio tuning forks are used to assist with healing deep emotional issues and creating an opening for heightened levels of awareness. They are used to clear emotional and spiritual issues which manifest as unhealthy life situations pertaining to work, relationship, health and life direction.

Add the perfect vibration of old Himalayan singing bowls and you have a powerful session. By aligning with the vibration of the bowls, your body is encouraged to return to its own perfect rate of vibration.

Pranic Healing

Long before an illness manifests in your physical body, it manifests in your energy body. Health rays droop, chakras become congested or depleted, and chakra colors change from vibrant to dull. If this condition is not corrected in the energy body, eventually the physical body will become ill.

Routine Pranic Healing keeps your energy body clean and helps prevents illness in your physical body. When used as a preventive measure, Pranic Healing keeps both the energy body and the physical body healthy and strong.

In a Pranic Healing session, your energy body is first cleansed then energized, bringing it to a state of health. The specifics of this cleansing and energizing are based upon the condition to be healed. Once your energy body has been repaired and healed, your physical body then follows the template of your energy body to that same state of health.

A single Pranic Healing session can offer relief for many common ailments. For chronic or serious conditions, a series of sessions may be required, depending upon the illness involved.

Reiki Master Healing

When an imbalance exists in your Life Force, it can manifest as illness, sadness, fatigue, stress, and a sense that something is “missing.” A Reiki session can be invaluable in addressing these imbalances. Because it IS Life Force energy, Reiki is a valuable aide to better health, whether used alone or with other healing modalities. As a Reiki Master, I have seen profound changes in my clients through their Reiki sessions.

A single Reiki session can provide remarkable benefits. For chronic or serious conditions, a series of sessions is recommended.

Do you live a stressful life, have general aches and pains or a specific ailment, feel a need to connect with your quiet space within? Reiki may be the method that will assist you in healing yourself. Let Reiki improve your health and bless your heart.

Online scheduling


Online Scheduling

  • $75, 30-minute session
  • $105, 45-minute session
  • $140, 60-minute session
  • Pranic & Reiki Healing Sessions are the only options for Distant Healing.