April 2022

King of CupsTen of Cups

King of Cups | Ten of Cups

King of Cups

Imagery: In the Waite-Smith imagery, a man sits on a throne holding a cup and a scepter. His face is a bit stern. He wears a fish-shaped pendant. His throne floats on the water.

This card is sometimes seen as being detached from one’s emotions. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it’s exactly what is needed for a situation. But often this detachment leads to isolation and loneliness. Compare it with the other card for April.

Ten of Cups

Imagery: A couple is raising their arms towards a rainbow of cups in the sky. Two children play happily nearby. We see their house in the distance. 

This is a card of joy and celebration. The family realizes that all is right in their world and they rejoice in it.

During this month, embrace all that life has to offer. Check in with your emotions to see if you are holding back from allowing yourself to be happy. Rejoice in both the large and small blessings in your life. Open your arms wide and say YES to joy!

Rejoice, embrace life, spread joy

Be Blessed!