April 2024

The WorldThe Star

The World | The Star

The World

Imagery: A draped woman is holding two wands. She is inside a wreath. Four beings are in clouds at the corners.

With The World card, we see a cycle coming to an end and another cycle ready to begin. This card also signals situations, events, and people coming together in a beautiful way.

The Star

Imagery: A naked woman is kneeling, partly on the ground and partly in the water. She is pouring water from two vessels, one onto the ground and one into the water. Stars can be seen in the sky.

The Star card carries the energy of success, desires realized, balance, and healing.


Often the monthly cards suggest action to be taken or aspects of your self or your life that might need some work. This month is different. These cards are asking you to simply sit back with an air of quiet expectation that all will be well. The energies heading your way are bringing you joy, completion, and healing.

Keywords and Phrases: success, fulfillment, balance

Be Blessed!