August 2021

Ace of Cups Six of Cups

Ace of Cups |  Six of Cups

Ace of Cups

Imagery: A hand holds an overflowing chalice with a white bird above holding a wafer. Below is a pond with flowering water lilies.

Six of Cups

Imagery: A child offers another child a cup filled with greens and a flower. Five similar cups stand nearby. A man can be seen on the left, walking away.

August energy is that of joy, family, friends, love, and happy new beginnings. 

Cups represent the element of water, your emotions. With the Ace of Cups, you have the potential for joyful new beginnings of all sorts. Open your heart to this energy and see what you attract. Even better, decide what new happiness you want in your life and take steps to make it happen. Use the energy of August to start a project or relationship that will bring you joy.

Family and friends may play a large part in your life this month. The Six of Cups is the nostalgia card. It’s a card of reminiscing about the past and past happiness. It can also represent an unhealthy focus on what was in the past, whether happy or unhappy. The man who is walking away is a reminder to let go of past disappointments or unhappiness and focus on the present and future. Let go of old hurts and choose to be happy. At its simplest, this is a card of giving, caring, and sharing with others. 

Key Words and Phrases:
Joy, happy potential, caring, release

Be Blessed!