August 2022

Queen of WandsAce of Swords

Queen of Wands |  Ace of Swords

Queen of Wands

Imagery: A queen sits on her throne. She holds a staff and a sunflower. Lions and sunflowers, representing strength and power, decorate her throne. A black cat, her Familiar or Guide, sits at her feet.

I like to call the Queen of Wands a kick-butt queen. She’s bold, confident, and courageous. After all, her suit is related to Fire energy. She exerts gentle but firm control. She takes action when needed or when she wants to accomplish something.

Ace of Swords

Imagery: A hand (seen in all the Aces) holds a glowing sword. The sword is decorated with a crown, symbolizing power, and vegetation, symbolizing fertility of the mind. Three yods or tongues of flame, representing Divine inspiration, are on each side of the sword. 

Aces are about “potential”. This Ace offers the potential for new ideas and crystal clear understanding and communication.

During this month, be open to new thoughts and projects. If some wild and wonderful idea comes to you, don’t back away from it. Try it! If a storyline for a novel comes to you, write it! If you hear a song in your head, sing it! 

And I need to add this in for someone reading this, if the opportunity to reconcile with someone presents itself, know that you have the ability to communicate clearly, with kind confidence, and from a place of love.

Key Words and Phrases:
Confidence, clarity, action, communication

Be Blessed!