December 2021

XI - JusticeKnight of Swords

XI - Justice | Knight of Swords

XI - Justice

Imagery: A crowned person sits on a throne, holding an upright sword in one hand and a balance scale in the other. Two columns are behind the person with a purple drape in-between.

The Justice card is about fairness and balance. It is about taking responsibility for your actions. It suggests that past behavior/decisions will now see their consequences, for reward or not. Whether the final verdict is appreciated, it will be fair and just.

Knight of Swords

Imagery: A Knight is racing rapidly to the left, in this case towards the Justice card. His speed seems to be excessive based on the plume on his helmet, the jagged clouds, the trees, the horse's mane, and his posture.

In general, this Knight knows what he wants and goes after it, sometimes blindly and without regard for others. He can be opinionated and overbearing. On his positive side, he is able to act quickly when the need arises.

During this month:

  • Pause and reflect before you act.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Do your best to right any wrongs that you may have caused.
  • Try to stay balanced and focused on what is best for all involved.
  • Trust the process and know that things will work out fairly in the end.
  • Allow others their space and their opinions. Expect the same from them.
  • When tempers flare or arguments arise, step back and ask yourself if it’s really worth it.
  • Before you speak or act, ask yourself: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Is it kind?

Key Thoughts for December:
Fairness, responsibility, balance, reflection.

Be Blessed!