February 2021

3 of SwordsQueen of Cups

Three of Swords | Queen of Cups

Three of Swords

Imagery: A heart is pierced by three swords. There are clouds and rain in the background.

This is a card of disappointment, sorrow, and loss. During this month you may find that your projects do not turn out as you had wished. Issues may arise in your relationships. Things that you have desired may not come to pass as quickly as you hoped.

The key to this card is to acknowledge the sadness and then do something about it. Pull out those swords and move forward. The Queen of Cups has some suggestions on how to do this.

Queen of Cups

Imagery: The Queen is sitting on a throne decorated with mer-babies, a symbol of her water element. The throne is on the sand at the edge of the water and her gown is touching the water. She holds and admires her elaborate cup, a cup of her own creation.

This queen dreams big and takes action on her dreams. She has transformed an ordinary cup into a thing of beauty, at least in her eyes. She doesn’t care what others think. Take your direction from this Queen. Dream big. Do what makes you happy. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Move beyond any disappointments you may encounter this month by focusing on what you can do to improve your situation. And above all … choose to be happy.

Key Words for February:
Release disappointment. Take action. Choose happiness. 

Be Blessed!