February 2022

Six of SwordsThree of Pentacles

Six of Swords | Three of Pentacles

Six of Swords

Imagery: A figure poles an adult and a child across a body of water. The water to the left of the boat is smooth while the water to the right is turbulent.

This card is about moving away from things that are troubling. It’s about freedom and peace of mind. Sometimes this shift is brought about through our own actions, sometimes with the assistance of others.

Three of Pentacles

Imagery: Three people are working together on a project. By their dress and tools, it’s apparent that they have different roles.

This card is about working with others towards a common goal. Each person contributes their knowledge and skills. It shows success through teamwork.

During this month, if situations arise that you feel you can’t handle or don’t have the skill set to complete, ask for help. Don’t just struggle through it. By seeking the assistance of others, you lessen your burden and allow others the satisfaction of helping you. You will both feel better for it.

Key Words for February:
Cooperation, teamwork, community

Be Blessed!