February 2024

Knight of CupsSix of Wands

Knight of Cups | Six of Wands

Knight of Cups

Imagery: A Knight holds a cup. His horse approaches a small stream. There are fish on the Knight’s tunic, symbols of his element of Water (emotions).

Knights are about action and this one is about taking action on something that brings you joy.

Six of Wands

Imagery: A man riding a horse wears a laurel wreath and holds a wand with a laurel wreath affixed to it. Wands are associated with the element of Fire (enthusiasm). People holding wands are walking beside him.

This card is called the victory card. It suggests a successful outcome to your endeavors.


Notice that both men are riding in the same direction. It’s as if once the Knight of Cups embarks on a path that makes him happy, he becomes the victorious man in the Six of Wands.

This month think about what activities bring you joy. Are you engaging in them? Are you taking the time to try new hobbies that you think you might like? Or are you holding back because you’re afraid you won’t be good at them, or are telling yourself that you really “should” be doing something more serious? 

The Six of Wands Victory card is suggesting that you CAN be successful. It’s time to make time to do things that make you happy, hang out with people that make you happy, and give yourself time to just be happy.

Think of it this way … when you allow yourself to be happy, you raise your vibration. That higher vibration ripples out and raises the vibration of people and things around you. By allowing yourself to be happy, you’re doing a service to the world.

Keywords and Phrases: action, success, happiness

Be Blessed!