January 2021

I love you all and wish you a Peaceful and Prosperous 2021!

Seven of Swords III - Empress

Seven of Swords | III - Empress

Seven of Swords

Imagery: We see a person making off with five of seven swords. There are tents and figures in the background. This person is usually seen as stealing the swords that belong to the figures in the background. He is looking away, as if not wanting his true intent to be discovered.

This card is usually seen as indicating that something underhanded is going on. It’s a card of hidden agendas and possible trickery. It can suggest that we examine someone else’s motives or perhaps even our own.

Swords are the “mental” suit in the tarot. That’s why there are so many difficult-appearing cards in the suit of swords. Our thoughts often are the cause of issues in our lives. We think too much and let our “monkey mind” tell us stories about situations or people that are not true. We let our thoughts color situations rather than discovering the truth.

During this difficult time, please keep this card in mind. Watch your thoughts. Don’t let them play tricks on you. Don’t let them undermine you or your relationships. Everyone is doing the best they can. Don’t make assumptions. Be supportive and easy on others and on yourself.

III - Empress

Imagery: We see a woman, usually pregnant, sitting on a comfortable cushioned chair in a lush garden. She epitomizes feminine energy and motherhood. She is our Earth Mother.

The Empress is the opposite of the Seven of Swords. She is grounded and at peace. She is guileless and totally present. She looks directly at you, asking you to join her in this bliss and contentment.

Use the Empress energy to help you through these times. The Empress is kind, caring, and nurturing. Remember these qualities and embody them. Do things that make you happy. Help others in whatever safe ways you can. Share a smile and a kind word. Again, know that everyone is doing the best they can. Support and coach rather than judge. Love really is the answer, especially now.

Key Thoughts for January:
Watch your thoughts, be supportive, spread love.

Be Blessed!