January 2022

I love you all and wish you a Peaceful and Prosperous 2022!

XXI - WorldThree of Cups

XXI - World | Three of Cups

XXI - World

Imagery: A female figure holds two wands, similar to the one the Magician holds. She is surrounded by a laurel wreath. There is a figure in each corner. They can represent the four elements, the four suits, or the four fixed signs of the zodiac.

It’s appropriate that you get the World card for January. The old year has ended and the new year is beginning. The woman in the card is looking back to the past and all that was accomplished. She is also moving forward into the future. The World brings an energy of completion and satisfaction. Everything comes together in a beautiful and fulfilling way. 

Three of Cups

Imagery: Three women dance together holding their cups high in celebration. They are surrounded by a bountiful harvest.

This is a card of enjoying and appreciating family, friends, and community. There is a sense of freedom and of allowing yourself to simply go with the flow.

During this month, remember all that you have accomplished and how much you’ve grown. (I hear you saying that you haven’t, but trust me, you have.) Allow the old to move away and embrace the new. Rejoice in ways both large and small. Welcome this coming new month and year. Let it bring you all that you desire.

Key Thoughts for January:
Successful completion, new beginnings, rejoicing, and celebration.

Be Blessed!