January 2024

I love you all and wish you a Peaceful and Prosperous 2024!

Two of PentaclesKnight of Swords

Two of Pentacles | Knight of Swords

Two of Pentacles

Imagery: A man appears to be dancing while juggling two pentacles. Two ships ride large waves in the background. 

There's a lot of activity in this card. The man is handling many tasks at once, working to keep everything in balance. The ships are holding their own in the turbulent waves.

Knight of Swords

Imagery: A knight, with a raised sword, races forward on his galloping horse. Birds and jagged clouds can be seen in the sky.

This Knight is racing towards something. Sometimes he has thought his endeavor through before proceeding at this rapid pace. But sometimes he has not and runs forward recklessly.

These cards are perfect for ending the holiday season and beginning a new year. End-of-year activities can be somewhat hectic. You’re bombarded with holiday advertising, which sets up unrealistic expectations. You try to do it all, make everything perfect, see friends and family, etc.

This month, step away from the busy energy of both of these cards. Let the hectic energy fade. Breathe. Choose to slow down and give yourself time to just “be.” Focus on this beautiful new year and be open to the possibilities.

Key Thoughts for January:
Stop. Breathe. Expect good things.

Be Blessed!