July 2021

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Eight of Cups | Page of Pentacles

Eight of Cups

Imagery: A figure with a staff is walking away from eight neatly stacked cups. The moon shows both the full moon and a crescent moon. The land is watery in keeping with the suit’s Element of Water.

Page of Pentacles

Imagery: A young man is looking intently at his pentacle. He stands on flowering fertile ground, his Element of Earth. A plowed field is seen in the distance.

These cards taken together tell a story of intentional endings and new beginnings. 

The Eight of Cups is about letting go of what no longer serves you. Those cups are still potentially useful, stacked nicely, and in good shape. However, the person is walking away from them. He or she realizes that they are no longer useful to him or her. The person is choosing to move forward into the next cycle. The idea of cycles and seasons is shown by the crescent/full moon in the sky.

The Page of Pentacles is about a fresh start, new beginnings. The field has been plowed. What will the page plant there? What will the harvest be? Only time will tell the outcome, but now is the time to plant.

Take some time to assess what may be in your life that no longer brings you joy. Don’t hang on to the old just because it was once useful or meaningful. It’s time to sweep out the old and welcome the new. Progress and change are in the air. Fresh starts and new exciting beginnings are called for now. Don’t cling to the past. Let it go and move into your new bright future!

Key Words and Phrases:
Release, begin, welcome change

Be Blessed!