July 2022

Ten of SwordsThree of Cups

Ten of Swords | Three of Cups

Ten of Swords

Imagery: A man is lying on the ground stabbed by ten swords down the length of his body. There is no blood. The background shows a new day dawning, replacing the gray clouds above.

Swords are associated with our minds and beliefs. Known as the drama card, it is a reminder that, while your situation may not be perfect, better times are coming. You can help manifest improvements by focusing on what you want, not on the current difficulties.

Three of Cups

Imagery: Three women hold their cups high and dance in joy and celebration. They are surrounded by a harvest. 

Exactly as it appears, this is a card of celebrating with friends and rejoicing in one’s many blessings.

During this month, watch your thoughts. Focus on all the good things in your life, both large and small. Take time to get out of the house and enjoy happy times with friends and family. Choose to be happy.

Key Words and Phrases:
Focus on your blessings, take time to celebrate

Be Blessed!