July 2023

JusticeKing of Swords

Justice | King of Swords


Imagery: A female figure sits between two columns.  She holds an upright sword and a balance scale and looks straight ahead.

Justice rewards those who are accountable, honest, and deserving and metes out retribution for wrongs actions.

King of Swords

Imagery: A king sits on his throne on a high hill. He holds a sword at a slight angle. The king looks straight ahead.

The realm of this king is the mind. He is intelligent, curious, open to new ideas, and fair.

Notice the similarities in these cards … the posture, the swords, the intent stares. Both of these people are about clarity, fairness, and justice.

This month avoid making decisions or judgments from your heart. July is calling for a left-brain approach to problem-solving and path-setting. When a decision needs to be made, take a considered approach. Get all the information required and let your decision be logical and fair for all involved.

Key Words for July:
Clear, fair, unemotional

Be Blessed!