June 2022

Four of CupsXXI - The World

Four of Cups | XXI - The World

Four of Cups

Imagery:  A bored young man is sitting under a tree.  He has three cups that no longer excite him.  He’s being offered a new fourth cup by a hand in a cloud.  He does not seem to notice it because he’s too busy being dissatisfied with what he has.

This is a card of opportunity.  However, the opportunity must be looked for and seized.  If not, the opportunity may be lost.

XXI - The World

Imagery:  A woman dances in an oval wreath.  Four heads are seen in the corners. She is holding two Magician’s wands indicating successful manifestation and is supported by the four elements/suits represented by the heads. The woman is looking to her past success and moving through the laurel wreath into her next cycle. 

Notice how the woman in The World card seems to be looking at the bored young man.  She is beckoning him to follow her into something new and exciting.

During this month, don’t settle for the status quo.  Opportunities await and energies are ready to shift and move you forward into your next successful cycle.  But you have to be alert and watch for these opportunities.  Being passive won’t cut it.  Be proactive in seeking out your heart’s desire.  Say YES to opportunities that present themselves and see where life takes you!

Key Words and Phrases:
Opportunity, completion, success, new beginnings

Be Blessed!