June 2024

Page of WandsThe Moon

Page of Wands | The Moon

Page of Wands

Imagery: A young person in a tunic and cloak holds a wand that is sprouting leaves. Lizards are in random patterns on the tunic. There are hills in the background.

The Page of Wands carries the enthusiastic and excited energy of new projects and fresh starts. This Page still has a lot to learn but is eager to get started on this new project and learn as they go.

The Moon

Imagery: A large many-phased moon is in the center of the sky, with two pillars below it. A crustacean rises from a pool, just at a path leading to the distant mountains. A dog and a wolf stand on either side of the path.

The Moon is often about our shadow side. It reflects our fears, concerns, hot buttons, and the need for healing on some level. However, it’s also sometimes about our creativity and the use of our subconscious/intuitive abilities.


This month the Moon is definitely shining on your intuition and creativity. The Page asks you what new project or activity are you excited about? It’s time to let go of any fears about not being good enough or creative enough and just DO IT. Use your intuition to guide you into this new, exciting endeavor.

Enthusiasm, creativity, intuition

Be Blessed!