March 2021

Page of PentaclesAce of Wands

Page of Pentacles | Ace of Wands

Page of Pentacles

Imagery: A young person holds up a pentacle. He is standing on grass with flowers. A group of leafy trees is seen in the background, and a newly plowed field can be seen to the right, hinting of the harvest to come.

Ace of Wands

Imagery: A hand in a cloud offers a fresh sprouting wand. There are rays coming out of the hand. The landscape is green, the water is clean and flowing … ready to support whatever new life the Ace produces.

Let’s look at these cards together. This month promises to be a great time to start new projects and harness your creativity and enthusiasm for manifesting whatever you desire.

The Page of Pentacles is about starting something new. He’s grounded and focused on his pentacle. His message is to plan carefully and act methodically. But his message is also to DO something. Plan but then ACT! Opportunities are out there for you. It’s time to take action on them.

The Ace of Wands is where the enthusiasm and creativity come in. Notice that the hand appears to be offering the wand to the Page. It’s trying to fire him up a bit, get him motivated and moving. This month let your creativity flow. What are you enthusiastic about? Try it, do it, have fun!

The final message from these cards is that spring is coming. You can see it in the landscapes. Spring is the time of new life, a time when everything is possible. Breathe in this energy and let it inspire you.

Key Thoughts for March:
Inspiration, action, new beginnings

Be Blessed!