March 2022

Eight of PentaclesKnight of Cups

Eight of Pentacles | Knight of Cups

Eight of Pentacles

Imagery: A man sits at a workbench, making pentacles. He is honing his skills as a craftsman. He can be seen as either practicing until his pentacles are good enough to bring to the city behind him or as already fulfilling orders from the city. In either case, he is industrious and focused on the work before him.

This card is about doing what needs to be done, learning something new, practicing what you know, and being focused on your task.

Knight of Cups

Imagery: A knight holds his cup aloft. He is looking straight ahead while his horse pauses at the small stream. 

This knight can be imaginative, romantic, dreamy, introspective, and sensitive. As a knight, he is about movement and action. 

During this month, give yourself time to work on projects that interest you. Learn something new or practice what you know and love. If you give yourself that time and grace, you will find that your creativity flows like a beautiful sparkling river. It will help you experience an increased appreciation for the magick in everyday life.

Key Thoughts for March:
Practice, imagination, appreciation

Be Blessed!