March 2023

King of PentaclesThe Lovers

King of Pentacles | The Lovers

King of Pentacles

Imagery: The King is seated on his throne which is set in a lush garden. His castle is behind him. The bulls, vines, and grapes on his throne and garment symbolize his groundedness, wealth, and achievements.

This King is a confident and kind leader. He brings success, foundation, and abundance.

The Lovers

Imagery: A woman and a man stand in a garden. Behind her is an apple tree with a serpent. Behind him is a flaming tree. The angel between them is conferring divine blessings. 

The Lovers card represents meaningful relationships, balance, and choices.

Last month and on two Tarot Tuesdays, the cards showed the energy of conflict. It appears that energy has cleared and this month can be a time of peace and abundance.

The King of Pentacles is ready to help you manifest this. Draw on his calm leadership energy every day. As you start each day, plant your feet solidly, square your shoulders, and breathe in the healing energy of Mother Earth. Make your decisions heart-centered and with careful thought.

The Lovers’ energy will work with you alongside the King’s energy. As you go through your day, be aware of the many relationships you encounter. Honor those relationships. Be clear about your relationship with yourself as well. Be true to who you are now, your values, and beliefs. 

If you choose to live each day in this way, your energy will be grounded and kind. This will ripple out into the world and help set things straight again. 

I live my life in kindness and balance. I honor all my relationships. I invite abundance with gratitude.

Be Blessed!